Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Alert: Watch your ADSL password cat

With the popularity of the network, network security is increasingly being valued by the people. Today, we introduce a little man gave attention to the case. Writing this article does not teach you to attack others, but to everyone to raise safety awareness, through this article if you did nothing wrong thing, I'm not responsible! :)

We all should know, many of the cats with automatic dialing features, we can account on the ADSL dial-up software in the cat, so when the computer starts up each time the cat will be able to automatic dial-up ADSL, a computer can access the open . The above work is accomplished through the following steps:

1: Enter the Cat in the browser's default address, such as:, a dialog box will pop up this time, in general, by default when the cat into the ADSL account and password are root., Or admin , or do not need ID and password, the problem also lies in this. Why do you say?

2: Everyone should know the principle of ADSL it! When we dial the time, the bureau will assign a random IP address to you. And this is a regular IP address, an area corresponding to a IP, such as the distribution of our side is 61 .*.*.* IP form, we can IPCONFIG / ALL command to view that their current access to the IP.

3: For example, my ADSL was available to the IP So and so within the push to change the last digit of the IP is likely that another user is using the IP. We are in the browser has been imported from to If a pop-up dialog box ADSL cat landing, which shows that we have not even on the other side of the ADSL cat, and then try to enter several account and password. How kind of go in it! That any one parameter which can be altered on, once we see who can make the other uncomfortable cat broken, the other party may think that your cat is broken.

Today I did a test, success is 80%, because our bureau here do not seem aware of the problem, and almost all of the ADSL cats have not changed your password. As the telecommunications installation of ADSL ADSL cat model used on so few, while the same type of ADSL modem's default password is the same, which greatly increased the likelihood of guessing the password. We see next map:

If you just can log in to your modem you will not much care about, but it logged on to your modem if the modem's NAT settings to change what can further access to your computer, including network, and then the computer itself, so do not do a good job protection That you danger.

The above said does not believe that we all OK, but this is my personal experience, my computer is so hacked once, then is the Internet, installed Rising _blank "> firewall, suddenly see _blank"> ; firewall alarm, the source address is, to what port to connect my computer, I did not pay attention, to the Internet, and so never get in after the next boot, and life and death get in, no matter what state, the total is restarted.

And I want to re-set to change the cat is also inaccessible. Each had to hold back a small head with a pencil origin reset to the problem. Now want to come outside was sure to be the use of IP network remote into my black cat I lost. Perhaps you will wonder, with so many problems, telecommunications who does not know it, on this issue I have asked friends in telecommunications, in fact they are addressing this issue, and gives several emergency measures. If your not aware of the telecommunications sector, then the problem. Can do:

1. To set ADSL WEB landing against public network, only local LAN WEB landing.

2. To change the default password.

3. That I think is the most misunderstandings. WEB landing port to ADSL-port also can be changed to the other, the way many of the most toxic way I am now is to map port 80 to my computer to do inside, and then my IIS default page with exploit code into a For example, the page can be made to open the other side of the drive source, a warning page, etc., I use JAVA to do a, Ha ha!

Well, that cat is HACK principle, we will not have to fear, and if your ADSL cat has not changed the password, or change as soon as possible about it!

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